Blade Runner 2019 : 12 Ways to Avoid A Dystopian Future


Blade Runner 2019 : 12 Ways To Avoid A Dystopian Future

by Gray Scott


The original Blade Runner may be the most exquisite example of dystopian science fiction ever made. It has everything a techno-philosopher could ask for. Sexy wet replicants, futuristic megacities obsessed with neon and advertising, crazy cyberpunk oligarch technologists, and emerging technologies that threaten to end humanity once and for all. It is peak film noir glamour. It even features an overpriced cybernetic owl. It was Illuminati before you even knew what Illuminati was.

It is filled with profound techno-philosophical questions. Will technology destroy our environment? Is human consciousness unique or can we manufacture it? Is it moral to create a feeling humanoid the feels pain and fears death? Should genetically manufactured humans be forced to work as slaves in outer space? Is death necessary? Should memory manipulation be outlawed? Do electric sheep dream?

Blade Runner is searching for meaning through the medium of sci-fi filmmaking. To be clear, it is art. It is a warning. A futuristic forecast of what our future may become if we ignore our history and let corporations run the world.

However, we do not want to live in the Blade Runner world. It should NOT become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So how do we avoid this dystopian nightmare? How can you help?

I’ve made a list of 12 Ways to Avoid A Dystopian Future.

12 things you can do right now to help avoid environmental and technological catastrophe. Donate, research, speak out, vote with your money right now.

In no specific order.

1. Reduce your plastic usage. Call your local restaurants and grocers and ask them to move over to recyclable material. Start a group locally to help put pressure on your local stores. Send them this list of plastic alternatives if they are open to the idea.

2. Go electric. Tesla has finally got their sh%t together and has the model 3 available for purchase at many of the Tesla showrooms.

3. Go Solar. Microgridding is so 2019. Talk with your neighbors about going solar and if they would be interested in creating a community Microgrid. Clean Coalition can help guide you.

4. Go Geothermal. Geothermal is old news in Iceland, but it is still new to many people around the world. The ground under your house can heat and cool your home year round.

5. Hire more women developers. “Unicorns” are real and they are everywhere.

6. Hire black and Hispanic women and listen to their stories.

7. Support LGBTQ geeks. Alan Turing was robbed! He should have been celebrated and thanked for saving us from Hitler but was instead chemically castrated for being homosexual. 

8. Change your shower head. You can dramatically reduce your water usage by switching to Nebia, an emerging thermofluid technology shower head. Save water and money.

9. Help clean the ocean. I have one word for you. Plastic. If the ocean dies, we all die.

10. Hire a futurist. Full time, part-time, or for consultancy. Ok… you don’t need to hire me, but please hire one for your company NOW. Had Blockbuster only hired a futurist?

11. Support longevity research. Tears in rain kids!

12. Desalination now. Wild fires and drought are only going to get worse as climate change becomes the norm. We may need to look to our oceans for our water in the future.