FUTURISTIC NOW Ep. 2 : Quantified Self

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by Gray Scott 

FUTURISTIC NOW Episode 2 : Quantified Self


In the future imagine quantifying all of your experiences. Every chemical reaction, every emotion, every dream recorded, every word spoken, every experience quantified and digitized.

That is knowing the self on a level that we've never experienced before. We are headed towards what John Smart calls a Transcension.

We are headed towards moving inward, moving smaller, more compact, moving down into the self. Through self-quantification, wearable tech, brain-computer interface, all of that exists to quantify the human body, to quantify our experience. As we become better and better at understanding the self, understanding our psychology reading dreams reading the minds of human beings how will that change who and what we are and how we view ourselves in the cosmological algorithmic experience that we're having? We're bringing that information and putting it back into the body.

These are the kinds of things are going to see the future where the feedback loop becomes faster and faster and faster. You use artificial intelligence to read your emotions, predict your behaviors, predict your desires. That’s where we are headed. We're actually headed towards knowing the self better than we ever have throughout our history as human beings. All of those things are going to be possible.

We're going to quantify the body and we’re going to feed that into an AI system that can make sense of it.

And so that's another step in this portal inward. Were are using ancient codes from the cosmos to create these machines that will enable us to evolve. So there's this mirroring effect that starting to happen with our technologies.

All of these ways to quantify the self and the mind if we have access to that in the future we're going to make better decisions, we're going to be better people and the world will eventually become a more equal and fair place to live for everyone."

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