NEURALINK: Merging Mind and Machine

Image: freestocks

Image: freestocks

Merging Mind and Machine

Elon Musk recently announced that he is developing a company called NEURALINK that will merge the human brain with AI and machines. This brain-computer interface could be the next step in the technological evolution of our species. What are the ethical, biological and philosophical implications of such an augmentation? 

Musk has spoken about the concept of implanting a "neural lace" into the brain before. However, The Wall Stree Journal reports that  "Neuralink registered in California as a 'medical research' company last July." It appears that our techno-evolution is about to jump into the realm of the mind. The true final frontier. 

The issue here is clear. Developments in AI and machine learning are evolving faster than the human brain. Our brains will not be able to compete with these machines in the near future. We must make a decision as a species. Augment our minds and bodies or become the new Neanderthals.

Musk appears to believe, as I do, that the only way to avoid these AI machines and robots from becoming the dominant species is to merge and compete. Welcome to the future of the Transhuman species.


Don't expect to purchase your own NEURALINK brain implant technology on Amazon Prime anytime soon. The first stages of this NEURALINK technology will be used for medical research and will enable people who suffer from diseases or spinal injuries that cause them to become "locked-in" to communicate and control computers with their minds. We will, however, see many variations of Musk's technology emerge from other companies and startups that are interested in the potential of these brain-computer interface technologies. Disruption and competition will cause this emerging technology to sneak up on us if we are not careful.

There are of course enormous ethical and technical questions we must face. Who controls the technology that we will be implanting in our brains? What about hacking? What of privacy or the issue of embodiment?  What does it mean to be connected to and AI and have that be an extension of our awareness? Talk about superintelligence! 

How much is a human mind worth to a corporation, a government or an advertising agency? We will soon find out.

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