by Gray Scott 

The future is already here. It is all around us. Every innovation, medical breakthrough or new space rocket already exists within the cosmic system. All the codes, mathematics, and geometric patterns are already there in the room with you now.

Unfortunately, your brain is subject to this little thing we call evolution. You see our local star system has only recently (4.543 billion years) begun to produce a species capable of deciphering the complex codes from within the cosmic dust that surrounds our simple little brains. 

We are only currently capable of discerning a minuscule fraction of the data that exists within the cosmos. We see very little, We hear very little. We are conscious of very little of the data that is currently around us. Future generations, if we make it that far, will wonder how we could have missed the future that was right in front of us. 

To be fair, our future descendants will be augmented, uploaded, digitized, quantified and play in the realm of the quantum. They will have an unfair advantage over our meager 2017 brains. They will eat quantum data for breakfast and black holes for dinner.

Our brains are not evolved enough yet to see all of the hidden patterns and codes that exist around us. Patterns and codes that helped develop you and everyone you have ever known. I see this as a continuum. A spectrum of awareness that we move through like a spotlight cutting through a vast ocean of information. This ocean of information is there and it is real regardless of our ability to see it or understand it. 

Mind bending? It should be. That is how we catch glimpses of the future. By bending our minds, warping our perceptions, and tangling ourselves up in the most profound relationship we will ever have. The relationship between our own awareness and our awareness of that relationship. To expand your awareness is to be in direct relationship with the future, the present, and the past.  

We are emerging from within a computational cosmos. Everything that we create will be a direct reflection of that emergence. Every robot and every value alignment we infuse into the codes and algorithms within our future robots will be a reflection of this computational system.  

We are emerging from within a computational cosmos. Everything that we create will be a direct reflection of that emergence.

We have no idea what reality really looks like. Our current level of evolution limits our perception based on a limited set of sensorial human-centric inputs. The future is already there, hiding in plain sight, waiting for us to evolve enough to recognize it, to engage it in a relationship, sculpt it into a momentary solid state to be viewed briefly by our awareness. 

As our consciousness and awareness evolve so too does the future. We are riding the waves and particles of perception on this ocean of information we call the future. 

The future hides within the labyrinth of the unseen, not because it is not there, but because it is still just out of reach for our meager minds. 

Soon, our computers and our AI assistants will help us augment our minds, enabling us to assimilate these hidden patterns and codes that keep the future disguised. 

As we evolve we will crunch this continuum down into smaller and smaller sizes. Eventually, through the help of technology, we will become aware of the past, present, and future simultaneously.

A singularity of mind.